The Sweetest Place In Town​
The Sweetest Place In Town​

At Jake’s Candy, we have been perfecting our delicious lollies, chocolates and other confectionary treats for more than 40 years. We use secret old-school recipes and local ingredients to hand-make more than 150 different types of goodies, ready to be bought in store or online.

Shipping is available throughout Australia, so you can always enjoy some of the best sweets around. Our lollies, chocolates and confectionary can also be bought in bulk, perfect for weddings, parties and events. Contact us today to organise a bulk order.

Our most popular seller for more than 40 years! Made of jelly, peanuts, marshmallow, chocolate and other delicious treats. Order now.

Buttery-soft fudge in delicious flavours such as soft caramel, soft chocolate, macadamia, vanilla and soft macadamia. Order now.

Looking for the perfect gift? Don’t go past one a gift basket from Jake’s Candy. Please contact Jakes Candy directly to work with the staff in creating a personalised gift basket to suit you!

Everyone knows the Dutch make the best licorice. This is why we import delicious Dutch licorice ready for you to devour. Order now.

Nothing’s as sweet as a trip to Jake’s Candy—except maybe a delivery on your doorstep. That’s right! We stock our handmade lollies, chocolates and confectionary both in-store and for delivery throughout Australia. Enjoy your old-time favourites, such as butter brittles, florals, fudges and rocky road, or discover a new must-have, including honeycomb chip bars. Our store also stocks imported Dutch licorice. Check out our  online store, visit us in Bundaberg or contact us to order bulk!